Use the SEARCH BOX or ONE OF THE LINKS below to search NU’s online writing resources. You will find a variety of advice and samples and perhaps even some contradictions. The Writing Program sees value in having individual faculty and students submit advice that works well for them, even knowing that others will need to adapt these resources to suit their disciplines, purposes, audiences, and personal preferences.

Note: Northwestern faculty need to login to access Faculty-Only resources.

Faculty-Only Resources

NU faculty can login to find sample assignments, grading guides, tips for class activities and more. (Note: These secure documents are not accessible via SEARCH.)

Resources by Community

Resources are organized by specific academic areas or programmatic affiliations, such as Freshman Seminars, Engineering and Design, Science Writing, Global Health, etc. Many resources are useful for writing in a number of communities.

Resources by Topic

A long list that includes ALL the resources on NuWrite--writing advice, grading criteria, sample papers, teaching tips, etc. Selecting a resource will lead you to a community. For a faster search or for specific topics, use the SEARCH box above or start directly in a NuWrite Community.

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For More on Writing at NU

The Writing Program
Offers advising, resources, and composition courses at all levels; oversees University writing requirements.

The Writing Place
Northwestern's peer tutoring center for writers. Provides help with writing papers for classes, composing application letters and essays, or working on other writing projects. Website also has handouts and links to many online writing resources.

Center for the Writing Arts
Supports the study of writing at NU; sponsors Visiting Writers in Residence.

Northwestern University Library
Link to library resources for research and writing -- for faculty and students

Undergraduate Research Grants
Advice about proposal writing -- sponsored by the Provost's Office

Office of Fellowships
Guidance for NU students preparing to write personal statements, project proposals, etc., for external funding sources