About NuWrite

Welcome to NuWrite, Northwestern University’s online writing resources, providing materials about writing and teaching writing that come from Northwestern faculty in many disciplines. Sponsored and maintained by Northwestern's Writing Program, NuWrite is being developed to serve two groups of users:

  1. anyone who wants help with core writing skills, along with models and advice about writing for specific purposes
  2. faculty seeking resources to help them teach writing within their disciplines and learn more about communication instruction

What materials can you find on NuWrite?  NuWrite publishes writing advice and handouts that have been generously shared by faculty in different disciplines who have developed their own writing aids and guidelines and are interested in teaching writing, and in helping others teach writing. The materials cover a broad range of writing topics, ranging from composing effective introductions to writing a cogent analytical paragraph to punctuating sentences correctly.  The materials also cover a diverse array of genres (essays, reports, posters, presentations, emails, etc.), including some, like undergraduate research proposals, that are often not taught in courses. Finally, NuWrite includes instructional materials designed to teach communication to students and to evaluate student papers and presentations. NuWrite supplements the resources about writing available through Northwestern's Writing Place and the advice about writing that NU students can obtain from the Writing Program.

Who has access to this site? Most resources on NuWrite are available to anyone using the Internet. Resources can be found by consulting the "Writing Advice" section of NuWrite or by entering a NuWrite "community," which is either a  broad disciplinary area, such as "science writing," or a specific program such as "Global Health." In addition, resources can be found by entering a term in the search box.  A smaller number of resources are aimed at "Faculty Only" and require a Northwestern faculty netid and password for access.

How can you contribute to NuWrite? NuWrite is sponsored and maintained by The Writing Program in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences with support from the Searle Center for Teaching Excellence, the University Library, and the Provost's Office. We hope you will contribute to NuWrite by sending us material to post and by giving us your suggestions for making NuWrite increasingly useful. If you have questions about the site or materials you would like to contribute, please contact nuwrite@northwestern.edu.