Writing a Global Health Proposal

A guide to how to begin the writing process

When writing a proposal, you must be motivated and passionate about your idea. After you have narrowed your idea into a concise purpose, you can begin the writing process.

If you need help on turning an idea into a proposal, click here for writing prof Penny Hirsch's advice.

One step that should not be skipped is creating an outline to organize your thoughts. Check out this article on making outlines.

Here is the backbone for how your proposal should be structured. 

Introduction: Define the issue or problem with a statement of purpose

          1)     What is the purpose of the study?

          2)    Why should this issue be addressed/researched?

          3)    How will you contribute as a researcher?


          1)     Who has been studying this area and what are their conclusions?

          2)     What gaps need to be filled in their research? Are you aiming to fill those gaps?

          3)     How have you prepared to tackle this project?

Methodology: Here you will define a hypothesis or research question

          1)    How are variables related to one another?

          2)    What is the procedure for collecting data?

          3)    What is the overall design of the study? What are the time estimates?

          4)    How will you analyze data? What techniques or measurements?

Results and Conclusions: Discuss the possible findings and conclusions that will be gathered

          1)     What are the probable conclusions of your research?

          2)     Is this topic related to other topics? Can this topic be generalized? What is the larger picture?

          3)     Are there any implications for your study?

          4)     What are the possible limitations?

          5)     How will this research help you in your personal pursuits/future goals?

You must also be aware of citation, style and sentence level concerns

          Citation resources

          Gender Sensitive Language

          Passive voice

          Should I use "I"?

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