Social Science Writing

Writing in the social sciences can be a challenge for students who are more familiar with writing (and research) in the humanities. If social science is new to you, you may need to learn how to:

  • Take an idea and figure out how you’re going to measure it - that is called "operationalize a construct"
  • Design and describe the statistical portion of a research study
  • Write a literature review
  • Learn what goes into the conventional sections of a social science paper (e.g. methods, findings, discussion)
  • Learn the conventions of APA style and documentation

This section of NuWrite provides answers to your questions about social science writing and resources to help you master writing conventions from sociology, anthropology, political science, economics, and other fields:  

International and Area Studies

Writing in Economics 

Writing in Psychology

APA Documentation

Sample Assignments/ Social Science Writing

Analysis of Writing in Social Science Journal Articles

Some of these resources come from students and faculty in specific fields and programs, such as Dr. Regina Logan in the School of Education and Social Policy, Dr. David Smith in Psychology, and Dr. Mark Witte in Economics were especially helpful in getting this section of NuWrite started. If you have resources you would like to contribute, please contact Jacquelyn Bailey in the Writing Program.