Design Thinking and Communication (DTC, formerly Engineering Design and Communication or EDC)

This community space provides resources for writing--and teaching writing--in engineering design and particularly for writing guidelines from a specific course at Northwestern: Design Thinking and Communication or DTC.  The site began as a place for DTC faculty to (a) exchange ideas about effective teaching and learning in DTC and (b) share handouts for students.  These are in the "Resources for Faculty Only section (faculty need to login to see the files and folders that appear in red).

However, the site is also a good place for engineering students to access resources related to engineering communication and especially to design. Students and the public see only general announcements and the "Resources for Students and Faculty" section, where items appear in blue. These do not require a login.

People who want more information about DTC, a required course for engineering freshmen, should go to the DTC (formerly EDC) website.