EDC textbook--Engineering Design and Communication: Principles and Practice

EDC textbook, v2010. The print version of Engineering Design and Communication: Principles and Practice (2010 edition) is available at Quartet Copies (825 Clark St.).

Title page and TOC (pdf)

Chapter 1: Introduction (pdf)

Chapter 2 (pdf)
Defining and Researching the Problem

Chapter 3 (pdf)
Writing the Project Definition

Chapter 4 (pdf)
Generating Alternatives

Chapter 5 (pdf)
User and Performance Testing

Chapter 6 (pdf)
Reporting on User and Performance Testing

Chapter 7 (pdf)
Deciding on a Design Concept

Chapter 8 (pdf)
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

Chapter 9 (pdf)
Conducting Design Reviews

Chapter 10 (pdf)
Concluding Conceptual Design: Moving Toward Detailed Design

Chapter 11 (pdf)
Defining a High Performance Team

Chapter 12 (pdf)
Developing Leadership and Managing Conflict

Chapter 13 (pdf)
Conducting Meetings

Chapter 14 (pdf)
Keeping a Project Folder

Chapter 15 (pdf)
Writing as a Team

Chapter 16 (pdf)
Project Scheduling

Chapter 17 (pdf)
Written and Oral Communication in Design

Chapter 18 (pdf)
Client Communication

Chapter 19 (pdf)
Email and Other E-communication

Chapter 20 (pdf)
Visual Communication— Document Design, Figures, and Tables

Chapter 21 (pdf)

Chapter 22 (pdf)
Progress Reports

Chapter 23 (pdf)
Final Reports

Chapter 24 (pdf)
Revising for Clarity, Conciseness, and Correctness

Chapter 25 (pdf)
Documenting Sources— and Avoiding Plagiarism

Chapter 26 (pdf)
Oral Design Presentations

Chapter 27 (pdf)
Poster Presentations

Chapter 28 (pdf)
Writing Essays About Design