Sample articles in Global Health

These articles illustrate how professionals in Global Health write about their field. Some have commentary to explain more about how they're written.

Sample journal article with analysis(Woo et al, 2004) - Global Health
Analysis of writing in “Health needs of Hong Kong Chinese pregnant adolescents, ” H. Woo et al. 2004. Journal of Advanced Nursing pg. 595-602. Commentary by Wing Yu Tang, major, Biological Sciences

Journal article with brief comments (Poston 1986) - Global Health
“Patterns of Contraceptive Use in China” Poston, Dudley L. Jr. 1986. Studies in Family Planning 17:5 pg. 217-227. Comments by Wing Yu Tang, major Biological Sciences

Sample article with long lit. review (Greenhalgh, 2003) - Global Health
“Science, Modernity, and the Making of China’s One-Child Policy” Greenhalgh, S. June 2003. Population and Development Review, Vol. 29:2 pp. 163-196. Comments by Wing Yu Tang, major, Biological Sciences