Teaching science writing & editing

"Exploring common rhetorical moves"--assignments in science writing (doc)
Covers principles for the organization of research papers. Good science writers employ similar rhetorical moves, though some disciplines have unique conventions that shape where or how the moves are used.

"Common Moves" Handout explaining what belongs in each section of a science paper (doc)

Rhetoric Analysis / Grading Standards (doc)
Grading rubric from Writing and Speaking about Science (NU Eng 391)

Comparing a science research paper and news coverage of it (doc)
Letter to the editor assignment from Writing and Speaking Science (Eng 391)

Peer editing - tips for instructors, facilitators (doc)
Peer editing works best when it's done as a guided activity. These handouts can be used to structure peer editing sessions.

Pedagogical articles & research studies of science writing and presenting
Primarily for instructors. These articles (a) include advice about integrating writing and presenting instruction into science classes and (b) show that such instruction often improves -- or at least does not detract from-- mastery of disciplinary content.