Design 370 checklist for oral presentations

This checklist can be used to evaluate final presentations or give helpful feedback to your peers when they practice.

Design 370        Checklist for presentations                                                                        printable file (doc)


Effective content        
1.    Good introduction of self         
2.    Concise explanation of the portfolio purpose, organization, & style          
3.    Effective presentation of projects, skills        
4.    Good choices about what to explain in detail, what to summarize, and what to skip        
5.    Purposeful ending        
Effective PowerPoint        
6.    Professional, attractive layout        
7.    Good use of color, animation, graphics, as appropriate        
8.    Good size: content visible at a distance        
9.    Concise, careful use of language        
10.    Correct grammar and punctuation        
Effective oral delivery        
11.    Good posture & stance (facing audience)        
12.    Professional appearance (dress, stance)        
13.    Good eye contact        
14.    Articulate speaking style; adequate volume; good intonation; no verbal tics (um, uh)        
15.    Good pace and timing