Design portfolio criteria

how a design portfolio communicates expertise in engineering design

Engineering Design Portfolio Evaluation Criteria

DSGN 370, Spring 2010 Your portfolio will be evaluated based on the following criteria. These criteria should serve as a guide for you in developing a professional and effective engineering design portfolio.
Your engineering design portfolio: Score
Demonstrates ability to apply design process skills
Demonstrates significant mastery in your engineering discipline
Has a consistent theme and focused vision throughout
Has a professional look and feel
Includes introduction/forward that explains your portfolio and design philosophy
Uses effective written communication to describe projects
Makes effective use of visuals such as sketches, photos, diagrams, etc.
Is creative
Optional: compartment or page with resume
Definition of scores to be used to evaluate criteria
Score Explanation
9-10 Outstanding performance; Exceeds expectations
7-8 Above average performance
5-6 Average performance
3-4 Below average performance
1-2 Substandard performance; Not acceptable