Grading criteria for design essays

Individual paper grade guide (K. Carmichael)
A rubric for grading design essays. Includes examples of common errors with recommended grade ranges for each. Prioritizes originality, proper use of primary and secondary research, and final editing. Can be used as a cover sheet for returning papers, highlighting categories of errors or what the student did especially well.

Criteria & grading standards for design essay (doc)
Grading rubric used to evaluate WQ EDC (freshman) essays about design. Covers purpose, organization, development of ideas, visual communication, and final editing.

Individual EDC paper criteria & response sheet (doc)
WQ EDC, L. Fischer

Grading sheet for SQ essay in NanoEDC (doc)
P. Hirsch

Criteria used in judging EDC essays in essay contest (2009 - 2010)

Grading criteria for SQ individual essays (K. Carmichael)