Sample student science posters

Sample student science poster 1 (ppt)(contributor: J. Cline, Writing Program 2009)
Author: Ioanna Georgopoulos. Instructor comments: A poster that summarizes a review of existing research in order to answer a question. Some strong points: clear title and headings, organization that is easy to follow, complete (includes all essential elements). Should include complete date and contact information.

Sample student science poster2 (ppt)(contributor: J. Cline, Writing Program 2009)
Author: Amy Rines

Sample student science poster 3 (pdf)(contributor: J. Cline, Writing Program 2009)
Author: SooMin Lee

Sample student science poster 4 (ppt)(contributor: J. Cline, Writing Program 2009)
Author: Eric Dyrdahl. Strengths • It includes all the elements in the rubric • The author kept the poster balanced, but made good use of all the space by combining the two center columns into one larger Results section. • The boxes group elements together to keep it clean and easy to follow. • There is almost no jargon in this poster, and it is academically rigorous. • The titles of sections are engaging as well as explain the content of each box, rather than just directional headings (such as objectives, results, conclusions). Something to change? • When the author was presenting this poster, he talked about the panoramic view illustration (the bottom of the middle section) before he talked about the elevation chart showing what could be grown where which is above it. So – those two charts should be flipped.